Wednesday, November 01, 2006

November is for small knits

October is gone and Socktoberfest is now over. I have to say I didn't do as well as I would have liked sockwise. I just didn't feel like knitting socks that much. I'm really looking forward to finally wearing the Jaywalkers though so I'll probably get back into it soon.

I couldn't get online at all yesterday. I realized only this morning that it was because you now have to dial the area code even for local numbers in Montreal. Since I'm still on dial-up (I know, I know...), it affected my Internet connection too. No work and no Internet = lots of time to knit (and the clean the appartment but I somehow prefered to spend the time knitting). I'm happy to say that I finished the left front part of the cardigan. Now I only need to finish the right side and I'll be done. Well after the seaming and stuff.

I already have sweater patterns in mind for my next big project, but it will have to wait a little. I decided that November will be my small project month this year. Why, you ask?

Well this morning I took a big look at my stash. And I realized that I have only a little bit of sock yarn:

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With socks, when I decide to start a new pair, I usually take something from my little stash instead of buying something else. So it doesn't accumulate much. With other projects, I usually find that there's nothing interesting enough in the stash so I buy new yarn.

Anyways. I also have a little bit of nice yarn.
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Navy Zara, Green Galway, Alpaca, more Alpaca, cashmere in a cone...

The nice stuff never sits there long because I can never wait to knit with it.

What I have a lot of (compared to the rest of the stash that is), is acrylic.

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(All acrylic or acrylic blends, except for the black cotton in the front). Most of it I bought when I first started knitting or I received as gift. Some of it is very nice. I adore Patons Decor. I have four balls of red Micro Nomotta (or something like that) and two balls of green that I love. I made a baby cardigan with some of the green and it turned out lovely.

Another thing I have A LOT of: leftovers.

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I just can't get rid of it. Most of it anyways, as I did throw away some of the smallest bits today.

So yeah. I decided that I'd try to get rid of some of this yarn by making small projects this year. With the holidays coming up (Halloween is over and I've already seen a Christmas-themed commercial on TV), I'm sure I'll be able to find people to give them to.

I made a list of some of the things I have in my stash and matched them with small projects I'd like to make. It goes like this:

  • Almost full ball of Navy blue Galway: A pair of mittens. I'm pretty sure I'll have enough as I was able to make a pair with one skein of Noro Silk Garden and the Galway skein I have is much bigger.

  • White Bernat Satin leftover: Another pair of mittens

  • Navy blue Zara (2 skeins): Fetching from Knitty.

  • Alpaca paint (1 skein, variegated): A hat (maybe a simple beanie)

  • Green Galway (3 skeins): Felted clogs

  • Red Heart Whirly (3 skeins): Scarf

  • Patons Decor (1 huge skein + more than half of a second one): Hat + mittens set

  • Bernat Frenzy (3 skeins, red): Scarf

  • Caron Jewel Box (3 skeins, red): Scarf

I'd also like to make fuzzy feet with the leftover Wool of the Andes from the Mariah cardigan (I have a lot of it but didn't feel like taking it out of the drawer to take a picture). I also have a few cones of bulky acrylic/wool blends that I'm slowly turning into scarves. Not to mention the yarn from projects that I need to frog...

Of course I don't think I'll be able to finish all this in November (especially the scarves. They may be small but they can take a LONG time to finish). I'll be happy if I can finish 2-3 things. And I'll also finish the cardigan and probably cast on for new socks sometime during the month. But just trying to assign projects to these yarns feels like a step in the good direction.

By the way, if you have any favourite scarf/mittens/hat patterns, feel free to share :)


Nik said...

found your site looking for info on possible errata for Mariah.

That apple picking picture is cool. The light makes you look Holy :D

K. said...

The Noro can also make some pretty wrist warmers, I like the pattern from the second s'n'b book. That's a big list! Good luck :-)

crnaofca said...

hi! i saw your Fetching on craftster mitten-along (i'm so much in love with that pattern), so couldn't resist to call you to join mittenfest here in blogger, especially since you are planning to make more mittens. are you interested?:)