Thursday, April 05, 2007

Today was not a good day

It's been a while already since I last updated so I will, even though I don't have anything exciting to share. I'm currently watching the hockey game and the Habs are losing 0-3. Dammit! They could have made the playoffs by winning tonight. Now Saturday will be the decisive game.

So, what have I been up to lately.

1. I've been sick with a cold.

2. I've been appartment hunting and I think I hate that even more than job hunting. Every appartment we like, 20+ other people like it to so we end up not getting it. Tonight I visited one that would have been absolutely perfect... until I realised that my washer and drier wouldn't fit in the designated space for it (it's made for a washer and drier that's one on top of the other).

3. I've been knitting! Unfortunately, I don't have anything to show you. I'm about halfway done with the back of Isabella, but even if I had my camera with me, it wouldn't make a good picture. I'm making it in black cotton.

I'm also making good progress on the Winding Cable Knee Socks but damn, they are taking a lot of my time! I thought I was almost done with the leg part but after rereading the pattern, I realized I had to make 1.5 more repeats of one of the charts. Eeep!

Today, I went to the bookstore and found the Yarn Harlot's new book. I was very happy. I'm in the mood for knitting humour.

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Knitting Mama said...

GO HABS GO! Saturday baby!!!

Feel better soon!