Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Sorry I've been missing in action lately. I couldn't do a WIP report because my camera has no battery and things have been CRA-ZY! Everything should be back to normal soon and I'll be back to regular blogging.

In the meantime, check out the the Fearless Knitting KAL, hosted by Melanie of Lotus Knits! (who has a contest going on on her blog btw, check it out!). It's a year-long KAL and the goal is to conquer your fears. You want to knit socks but DPNs scare you? You want to try fair-isle? You want to master steeking? This KAL is for you. We'll encourage each other to learn new skills in 2008.

I already have a few goals in mind, but I usually post them in my end-of-the-year post so they will have to wait.


LotusKnits said...

Thanks for the plug!

Have a great turkey day!


Tara said...

I think my biggest knitting fear would be steeking. Just thinking about putting the scissors to a garment gives me the willies.