Monday, July 21, 2008



On Saturday, I went to my friend Claudia's fabulous appartment so we could go on her terrace and watch the fireworks competition. Australia was competing and we were blown away! It was fabulous.

And to make this knitting-related, at one point, the fireworks were the exact same colour as the yarn I'm using for my SOS08 socks! ;)

(I tried to upload a video but it wouldn't let me. Those of you who are my Facebook friends, I posted it there).

I also have good news to share, now that it's official. I applied for a permanent position at work a few weeks ago and I got it! I'm very happy because it means that I'm assured to always work full time, I get insurance and vacation time (13 days next summer, then 3 weeks the year after!). Yay!

And in six weeks, I will be in Europe! We have booked all our hostels and hotels and we're READY (except we still have a million things to do before we leave!)


Tara said...

Aw, I miss going to the fireworks (I know, I know, when the kids are older). Congrats on the permanent job! You deserve it :)

Karine said...

Woohoo for the J.O.B.!

Angela said...

congrats on the job!

Amelah said...

Congrats on the job!

Jennifer Lori said...

Congratulations Caroline!