Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I'm on a diet!

I got the last skein of sock yarn from the Lotus Knits punk rock sock club!


It's inspired by the Green Day album Dookie. I LOVE IT! It even comes with a little Dookie stitch marker. Cute. The picture doesn't do it justice, let me tell you.

Now that I'm not waiting for any more sock yarn, I guess I can officially begin my little sock yarn diet. When I signed up for the sock club, I told myself I wouldn't buy any more sock yarn until I've knit at least five pairs. Well I've knit one so far, so I have four more to go. I guess it's not really a diet since I only have 4 skeins to lose! ;) But I'm such a slow knitter that it could take a while until I'm done with them.

I'm still working on the SOS08 socks. I've been playing with the pattern a bit so I could knit it cuff down, with my 2.25 mm needles (my needles of choice for socks). I think I finally found a way to make it work and I'm now at the heel. I forgot to take a WIP pic though.

As you can probably guess, I haven't been knitting much. All I think about right now is my trip. I even have a little countdown widget on my desktop. As I'm writing this, I still have 35 days, 5 hours, 4 minutes and 41 seconds until my plane takes off ;)

I have seen the IK Fall preview and I gotta say I'm a little disappointed. There aren't that many projects that I like, and I miss all the Montreal designers! But I like the Knotty or Knice socks, the Fresco Fair isle mittens and I LOVE the Zigzag beanie.

Is anyone entering the Ravelry knitolympics? I'm thinking about it, I'm just not sure which event I want to try!


Sam said...

I agree with you 100% on the IK Front... Funny I thought that having Eunny Jang being there would boost this up a bit... I miss my contemporary classic from V. Avery !!!

Tara said...

I don't know, I'm usually happy when there are 2 or 3 projects that I like. Check out the fall Vogue Knitting though, there's a whole section one Canadian designers, and Véronik has a nice one in there (at least, I thought it was nice!).

K. said...

I liked the preview but I don't know how impressed I'll be once I see the actual magazine. But I'm also really looking forward to the twist collective coming out tomorrow!!!!!!

About the whole ravelry olympics thing, I'm soo in! I'm doing the sockput and the wip wrestling!