Wednesday, July 09, 2008

One for the summer of socks

Clash socks (July)

I finished my Clash socks! The yarn is from Lotus Knits (exclusive colourway for the Punk Rock sock club). I didn't use a pattern, it's just plain stockinette. They fit perfectly and I love the way they striped!

I'm now ready to cast on for pair #2! I'm going to make the Summer 2008 socks (Ravelry link) by Wendy Johnson, except I'm gonna make 'em cuff down.

I have the perfect yarn for it too, it's similar to the one she used in her design:


It's Sea Wool by Fleece Artist, or something like that. Pretty eh? Oh and the cute hippo is my brand new notion storage case. I got it from Robyn's nest when I visited Robyn herself on Monday. How cool must it be to have a yarn store in your own home!

I spent the afternoon knitting with Robyn, Angela, Robyn's sister Amy and Madeleine. I also got to see Robyn's son Sean again, and meet her new baby Mack!


Awwwww! I love that pic, Robyn I hope you don't mind that I posted it!


Tara said...

Nice socks! You go girl! And you're right, that picture of Robyn and Mack is adorable. Ah, I remember when Maxime used to snuggle like that! Now he's too busy exploring to bother with his old mum...

Amelah said...

Hey your socks look nice!
It was nice to meet you on Monday!
It is Amy, Robyn's Sister
You know what is as cool as having a yarn tore in your store? Being the sister of owner of a yarn shop lol...

Ain't my nephew adorable? Both of them! Nice picture of Robyn & Mack! Sorry had to rush out on Monday, hope to all go knitting soon!

Knit & Purl Mama said...

Caroline, I love that pic! Can you email me the full size of the picture please!! I want to print it!

Love the socks, they're awesome!

Jennifer Lori said...

Great socks! And I love the color of the yarn you're going to use for the Summer of Socks pattern, it's gorgeous!