Sunday, October 19, 2008

Mittens in progress and a little bit of yarn

So, while the whole world (or so it seemed) was getting ready to go to Rhinebeck (NO, I'm totally NOT jealous), I decided I needed my piece of knitting goodness too, so I went to Ariadne's knit night on Thursday.

It was well worth it, cause I got to see Mona's beautiful daughter Hannah, who is only a couple weeks old. And beautiful, let me tell you! Congrats again, Mona.

I had planned on buying myself something, but I ended up being VERY VERY good! I only got:


A skein of Classic Elite Desert, 3mm bamboo circulars (not pictured) and Steppin' Out Too, since I already have the first one and love it (I've only knit two patterns from it so far, but I will knit more for sure).

As for the Desert yarn, I want to make a hat out of it. There was a beautiful one on display in the store, and I found out I already had a pattern in my Ravelry queue (Halley's comet hat)! But then, while browsing Ravelry, I also found out about the Madge hat, and I sort of want to make it too. So I don't know which pattern I'll choose. We'll see.

I've been knitting on socks, and also on the Bird in Hand mitt #2. As promised (I think I promised it), here's a pic of the first one, with the one I'm working on.


I can't wait till they're done! It's getting colder and I want brand new mittens!

I also want to write about Christmas knitting, but it'll wait till next post!


Tara said...

We missed you at Rhinebeck! The mitts are looking great. You're right, you'd better get cracking, it's getting cold out there!

Knit and Purl Mama said...

It is indeed getting super cold outside. Your new mittens will be nice!

I also got Steppin' Out Too, I can't wait to make a few patterns from it!

I like the Madge pattern! I think it will suit the yarn you bought!

Knit and Purl Mama said...

I'm jealous you got to meet Hannah! I wanted to meet her - hopefully soon! It's hard for me to get into the city for knit nights.