Sunday, October 26, 2008

One thumb short

I am one thumb short of a pair of mittens! No problem, I thought! Today's Sunday. Chris is working. I have a whole day of knitting, cooking (and unfortunately, I had some cleaning planned too) ahead of me. Plus, the weather is gorgeous and I thought I'd go out and take a walk...

... and then my phone rang and, fool that I am, I answered. It was work. Someone is sick. They ask if I can fill in tonight. *sigh* I am nice, so I said yes. The good thing is that I'll get paid overtime.

I'll probably finish the thumb tomorrow, and then there will be pictures.

I also wanted to write about Christmas knitting, but I think I'll save that for November. See, I'm a bit nuts, so I signed up for:


One blog post a day for a month. It will be quite the challenge since I can barely manage to write a post a week right now. But it should be fun. Anyone else wants to join?


Bea said...

I'd say yes I'll join you except I post daily anyway so thats almost like cheating. I'm totally sure you can do it though!

Knit and Purl Mama said...

I also totally blog daily - so I have no need to join in that! LOL. Good luck!

Angela said...

I'm have already joined! Its a daily blog though so i do feeling like I'm cheating a little.

Tara said...

Ooooh, I'm very tempted. But I'm having trouble coming up with good blog fodder lately. What am I going to write about? Work, home, knit, repeat.

Anonymous said...

Being still blogless, I'm not a good candidate. That said, GOOD for you for taking on a challenge, and I'm eager to read every post as it comes out.
Cheers - KTE