Saturday, November 01, 2008

Day 1 of 30

Ready, set, go!


So, as I said, I'm gonna try this "blogging daily for a month" thing. But please, don't expect long, insightful posts. It's not my style. Most of them will be silly or boring "here's what I did today" type of posts (I say boring because my life is pretty boring in general).

I figured I'd start the month with a glorious FO! Therefore, I present you the Bird in Hand mittens:

Bird in Hand mittens (October)

Bird in Hand mittens (October)

Aren't they beautiful? They're so warm too. I love them!

Pattern: Bird in Hand, by Kate Gilbert.
Yarn: Frog Tree Worsted Alpaca (yummy!)
Needles: US 2 / 2.75 mm
Modifications: As you can see, I didn't do the embroidery on the little birdie. Maybe I will, I just don't feel like it right now.

I already started another pair of mittens. I'll tell you all about it... tomorrow! (Hey I have 29 more days of blog writing ahead of me, I need to save some blog fodder!)


Rachel said...

Those are amazing!

"Skipper" said...

Hullo! I'm a fellow NaBloPoMo knitter, and I just stopped by to check out your blog and to wish you well in our 'post a day' quest. Amazing mittens .... I haven't attempted mittens yet, I'm still too smitten with socks to move on ... :-)

Tara said...

The mittens look awesome! Good luck on the embroidery. I found it really tricky when I knit mine last January.

Knit and Purl Mama said...

Your Bird in the Hand look awesome! Love the color too! Great choice!