Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Day 5 of 30


You can see the front page of newspapers from Montreal, Quebec city and the Ottawa region this morning. Every newspaper in the province (and, I'm guessing, in the country) has this on the front. And we're talking about the president of another country!

As you can guess, I'm very happy with the outcome. You could just feel the hope coming out of the TV screen as the results were announced. I can't wait to see how America will transform in the next four (eight?) years.

Unfortunately, we are still stuck with this dude:


Oh, and remember when I was all tired because I was working like a maniac during the federal election, which concluded on October 14? Well, guess what? I'm going to be working like a maniac again for the next month, because our darling Quebec prime minister decided it would be oh-so-fun to have a provincial election too! *sigh* The campaign was just launched this morning and we're going to vote on December 8.

Just so you know, it will be the SEVENTH election for Quebecers (counting both federal and provincial elections) in FIVE years. Crazy! And expensive. Just what we need right now, in this economy. Can you see I'm not happy?


Sam said...

But I keep telling myself:

- we have the big chance of being able to exercise that right - matter as well take it !
- understanding that opposition decided that they would block anything or cause turmoil anyway - matter as well get it over with... Let's get a majority - from any side - so at least we will end this "never sure where we stand" attitude...

K. said...

I feel bad for that looks scared!

About the elections...whatever, I just hope that people will vote and that Québec Solidaire wins a seat. At least one. Please!!!!

Tara said...

Bwahahahaha!!! That is the funniest picture of Harper I've seen in a good long while. Don't these people have stylists???

Karine said...

OMG that cat!!!!!LOL!!!!!

Karine said...

I'm swiping those paper covers by the by.

Anonymous said...

The cat seems to say: "Enough already ! I have to be elsewhere, l;et me go !"

Knit and Purl Mama said...

I feel bad for that cat too. Oy!

I can't believe we have to vote again on the 8th of December...!