Monday, November 03, 2008

Day 3 of 30


I'm doing the Bacon Dance because I got the best news ever yesterday (and what a better way to show joy than to bacon-dance, I'm asking you). I found out that one of my good friends is pregnant! And what makes it the best news ever is that she had been trying for 1.5 year! I'm so happy for her, I can't stop smiling! She deserves it so much!

Of course, now I want to knit a baby blanket for her little one. I have plenty of time (she's due June 11), but seeing as I'm a slow knitter, I better get started soon. I've been browsing patterns on Ravelry and here are my favourite ones (all Ravelry links, sorry, but you should sign up if you're not on it anyways):

-Alphabet Blanket
-Blanket with lacy pattern (I'm actually in love with this version of it.)
-Teddy Bear baby blanket
-Luca - Cabled Baby Blanket

And I also have the patterns for the three blanket in this picture. I like all three.

I'm opened to suggestions if there are other patterns you like! I also would like yarn suggestions. If you've made a baby blanket before, what did you use? Did you like it? I'd like something machine-washable and not too expensive. Natural fibers would be best, but if you've tried an acrylic that you really liked, I'd be willing to try it. I'm not sure which colour I'll choose (I guess it'll depend on when I cast on. I may wait until she finds out the gender).


kate-the-enabler said...

Oh dear. Now I'M really taken with that teddy bear blanket.
I've been sighing over the Big Bad Baby Blanket for a while, but like you, am having trouble picking the right yarn. Not all people like WOOL, it should really be washable for a baby blanket...
I'll be fascinated to see what you come up with - congrats to your friend.

Tara said...

I'm a fan of the baby circles dance and/or the booty shake, myself.

I used Katia Jamaica cotton for my last baby blanket. It's soft and machine washable, but it has to be dried flat.

Maaike said...


I have now made two alphabet blankets and love them both. One was made of Zara (which does felt if you put it in with the whites without realizing it and it goes through the hot wash cycle and the dryer). If you care properly for the Zara, it's absolutely gorgeous and soft, but I'd handwash. The second alphabet blankie was made of the baby bamboo, and is for my baby (due any day now) so we'll see how it handles. I love the drape and the feel of the bamboo though.

Another super-fun knit, which I made for my baby to-be, is Meg Swansen's puzzle pillow blanket. It's fun because it's all in garter stitch, but not boring because you're always increasing or decreasing. I also found that each colour triangle was its own mini-goal so you get 16 mini-finish-lines, giving a good sense of satisfaction.

Good luck picking just one project!

Sam said...

Look up my Apple Tree blanket (Sam La Tricoteuse) - I keep having comments on that one.

Knit and Purl Mama said...

That's so great for your friend! Will you be joining her on the baby bandwagon soon!??? Didn't you say 2009? That's around the corner!