Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Day 19 of 30

So I did not go to the yarn store after all. Like I said yesterday, I really want to try and use yarn from my stash for my Christmas gifts. So yesterday, I was browsing my (enormous) queue on Ravelry and re-fell in love with the Green Autumn mittens (Ravelry link). I decided I wanted to make them for my mom AND I realized I could use something from my stash:


Fearless Fibers Superwash Merino Wool Sock Yarn, in Glorious Green. I'm not 100% sure it will work, as it is a light fingering weight but it's worth a try. I knit the cuff with 3 mm needles yesterday, but I think I'll have to get down to 2.75 mm (the suggested needles are 3.25 mm). Hopefully it'll work.


Knit and Purl Mama said...

I NEED to get my some Fearless Fiber. Holy moly yummy colors.

Blair said...

Lovely colors…. They are very much similar to my yarn which I got through Joann Fabrics.

Tara said...

Good call on the FF. With the yardage in those skeins, you might still be able to get a pair of socks out of one skein!