Saturday, November 08, 2008

Day 8 of 30

That little post-Halloween party I mentionned in my last post ended up being quite fun, but today I realize that I'm so not 20 anymore. I didn't get drunk or anything, but people left our appartment around 3 am and I'm so freaking tired today! It's a good thing I don't have anything planned except watching the hockey game tonight. AND, when I got up this morning (around 11am), Chris had cleaned up the appartment! Is he wonderful or what?


With the holidays approaching, what do you guys think I have in mind? Christmas knitting of course! EVERY SINGLE YEAR, I tell myself I won't be making any gifts this year, and EVERY SINGLE YEAR, I find something that I really want to knit and that someone I know would love. And then I feel that if I knit, say, my sister something, I just have to knit for my mom too so she won't feel left out. And I end up knitting a bunch of gifts.

Of course, the same thing happened this year. But I decided that my Christmas knitting list will be short and simple. And no pressure: if I don't finish things, it won't be the end of the world. I always buy gifts anyways, to add to the knitted ones.

So here's my list for this year (all Ravelry links):

1. La La mittens, for my sister (they're halfway done and I expect to finish them in a day or two).
2. Instant mittens, for my mom
3. Quickie Noro Silk Garden Hat, for my stepdad
4. The Boy Hat, for Chris

That's it! Of course, I also would LOVE to make a couple of Yuletide Gnomes, but we'll see if I have time. If not, there's always next year.

I think my list is very reasonnable. The only problem is that there are also about a million things I'd like to make for myself. I can make me a Christmas present too, can I?


Angela said...

Cleaning the house IS SO much more romantic then flowers!

Knit and Purl Mama said...

I hope you get through your Xmas knitting list in good time!

Sounds like you had a great time at your party - I hear ya on not being 20 anymore!

Tara said...

OK, obviously I can't keep up with you when you write a post every day! Your Christmas list is VERY reasonable. I think I've got 17 items on mine, of which I've completed precisely 1. Denial? It ain't just a river in Egypt.