Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Bye Bye 2008

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I hope each and everyone of you had a great 2008 and I wish you all an even better 2009!

I'd say this year was a pretty good one for me, despite some difficult time at the end.

Knitting-wise, it was pretty quiet. I only finished 12 projects, all of them small (5 pairs of socks, 4 pairs of mittens, two hats and a scarf). My favourite FO is definitely my Bird in Hand mittens. I'm hoping to knit bigger things in 2009, but that will be for another post.

On a more personal level, as I mentionned, I had a difficult end of the year, which started with a miscarriage in November. I know I haven't mentionned it (despite it happening during NaBloPoMo), I just couldn't really talk about it. It happened very early and quickly. I barely had the time to be happy I was pregnant and then suddenly, I wasn't anymore. I'm ok now, and I'm hoping for a different outcome in 2009. I'll keep you posted.

In December, my family suffered a loss when my aunt (mom's sister) died quickly and quite unexpectedly. At the end of November, we learned she had lung cancer and by mid-December, we found out she only had days to live. She died peacefully on December 21. My mom has 11 brothers and sisters and my aunt was the first to go so it was especially painful. She was only 57 years old.

Ok I am all done with the bad. I thought I'd keep the good for the end so you won't leave this blog feeling all depressed! Because despite the bad, I had a good year. I found a job that I really really like (and it looks like I'm quite liked there too). They're giving me responsibilities that I thought I wouldn't have for years and I'm loving it.

Chris and I celebrated our three year anniversary in August. Can I call it anniversary if we're not married and don't ever plan on getting married? It doesn't matter, I'll call it whatever I want. So we've been together almost 3.5 years now and in a couple of months, this relationship will become my longest ever (his longest is seven years though so we have a long way to go until that). I love him with all my heart and I consider myself lucky to have found him. Oh and we had our first (and only) fight in September this year! It happens so rarely I almost want to celebrate it next year ;)

2008 is also the year of our fabulous trip to Europe. We went to Italy, France and Spain and it was fantastic and magical. I don't know if we'll travel in 2009 but I sure hope so. We have tickets to a taping of The Daily Show in New York in May so hopefully I'll be able to get some time off to go! I want to have Jon Stewart's babies!

That's all I have to say about the past year. We're going out tonight with friends to celebrate. It should be fun. I hope you all have fun celebrating too!


Karine said...

Oh no!!! I'm so sorry for your loss. I'm glad you're feeling better and I do hope you'll be a happy knitting mommy soon enough. Bonne année à toi aussi!

Knit and Purl Mama said...

So sorry for your 2008 losses Caroline. Hopefully 2009 will be a better year with possibly a beautiful baby! You'll make a great mother when it's right.

All the best for 09!


Tara said...

I'm sorry the end of 2008 was so difficult for you. But it looks as though you've got everything you need to make 2009 great: love, professional success, and yarn. ;)

jeloca said...

Oh Caroline! I would have commented much sooner but I only just started having the energy to check my bloglines again. I'm so sorry for both of your losses, and that you ended the year on that note. Hopefully it is true what they say that bad things happen in threes, and your fight with Chris and both losses count as your three, and that 2009 will bring you nothing but happiness and joy. Technically you and Chris are "common-law married" so it doesn't really matter if you get married or not. Congratulations on your anniversary- Yannick is also my longest relationship. It feels cool, eh? p.s. I'm jealous you're going to the Daily Show taping- that's going to be a blast!