Saturday, September 04, 2004


I simply couldn't wait to start my booga bag. I've been wanting to make one since I first saw one. I love love love the colour of the yarn I chose (Noro Kureyon #139). I wish a LYS in Montreal would sell it so I wouldn't have to order it online. Oh well.

I-cord is terribly boring to make. But it's done. I'm currently doing the bottom of the bag. I really want to marry that yarn.

I showed my mom the fuzzy feet I made for my sister and she LOVES them. She tried them on and they fit her which is not good because her feet are much bigger than my sister's. So I'll probably end up giving them to her and knitting a new pair for my sister. And I'll make a pair for my mom's boyfriend too. And for myself, why not? They're fun to make and not too complicated.

I feel bad about starting new projects when I have UFO that are taking forever. But at the same time... this is my hobby and I'm not gonna work on stuff if I don't feel like it. I'm sure I'll come back to my illusion scarf someday. But I really want to finish the stupid baby blanket (the blanket is stupid, not the baby... since there's no baby). I want to finish it because I have only 14 rows left. This week, hopefully.

I'll also be starting a DNA scarf tomorrow, as part of a knit-along. It will be my first try with cables. I use an acrylic yarn, not too expensive. If I like the way it looks, I may make another one with a nicer yarn.

I got two e-cards from people on the FiberRAOK list. Unfortunately, I'm on my mom's crappy computer (I suspect it's probably the older computer still being used) and I can't see them. So I will send thank you's after I get back home. But if the lovely ladies who have sent them are reading this: thank you! Just knowing that someone took the time to send me a card made my day. :)

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