Sunday, September 12, 2004

Yarn envy

All of you who gave me encouraging comments (either here or on the KR forums) after my last post: thank you. I still haven't given up on the DNA scarf. I'm now at row 6 on the chart and I'm doing a little bit at a time.

I'm also almost done with my fuzzy purple scarf. Woohoo.

Now I have a question. Does anyone know where I can find the best prices for:

-Noro Silk Garden
-Opal Brasil Sock yarn (I'm in love with this)
-Cascade 220
-Lamb's Pride

Unfortunately, all the LYSes I've been to in Montreal don't seem to carry the more popular brands so I have to shop online. But I'm not rich and with the exchange rate, yarn gets pricy. So I'm trying to find the stores that have the lowest prices.

Soon to come: a post where I'll keep track of all the projects I want to make someday.


M said...

Try - ask for Judith if you call or email and tell her that Michelle from Kansas sent you! I just got in an order of Lambs Pride from there - great service and a discount for an order over $50!

Good Luck!

Amy Boogie said...

on the KR forum there was just a post for favorite yarn sellers on EBAY. There are a few in there that might fit your needs.

Carolina said...

Noro Silk Garden:


Cascade 220: - they have a sale going on

h said...


yarnela on ebay stores...good prices.