Saturday, November 27, 2004

Typing (and knitting) with cold fingers

Why must my appartment be so cold all the time? Yes, the heat is on, it's pretty high actually. And I am currently wearing three (3!!!) shirts. And I have a blanket around me. And I am still cold.

Of course, I've been blowing my nose for the past couple of hours. A cold, maybe?

Is it bad that a part of me hopes that it is a cold so I can stay home from work tomorrow and knit all day? :p


I finished Christmas hat #2. I wore it at my party and got loads of compliments. It must not have looked so homemade because many people thought I had bought it. Cool.


I casted on for a pair of fuzzy feet that I want to give to my sister for Christmas. I love this pattern because it knits up so quickly.


I will end this post with a confession. When I learned how to knit, I began visiting knitting-related websites and I'd hear people saying they had to go on a yarn diet, that they had a huge stash and could not stop themselves from buying new yarn all the time.

I thought it was weird. I mean, why does anyone buy yarn without knowing what they'll use it for? I only bought yarn when there was something I wanted to make.

But then... I discovered nice yarns. Nice colours and textures. I visited a few LYS. And now, I must admit that I'm one of *them*.

I, Caroline, am addicted to yarns. I even have a... s.t.a.s.h. A small one, mind you, but a stash nonetheless. I have yarns that were bought only because I love the way it feels.

And I am now on a yarn diet. At least until after Christmas.

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