Thursday, December 28, 2006

2006 in Knits

I finished my boyfriend's Fuzzy Feet. Here they are pre-felting:

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(You gotta excuse the new cashmere yarn in the picture, it seems to like being photographed). I used Galway worsted and it felted beautifully, as you can see here:

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I finished 15 things in 2006 and since I doubt I'll finish anything else in the next few days, I think it will be it. I think 2006 was a good year.

-I worked my first cable.
-I made a sweater.
-I participated in the Knitting Olympics (though I did not finish my two pairs of socks in time).

Yeah, I'm pretty happy. And I already have goals for 2007. I want to:

-Try colour work. I'll probably go with something small. A hat or mittens. Not sure what yet but I want to try.
-Finish my blue cardigan. It turns out I did the shaping wrong on both fronts so I want to redo them. I really need to finish it.
-Learn to seam well.
-Pick the Kiri shawl back up and finish it.

And as usual, I have a billion projects in mind. There are several sweaters I want to make (I must finish the blue one first), so many that I wouldn't know which one to choose if I were to start one now.

I want to make a shawl with the cashmere coned yarn I bought a while ago. I really like this pattern from Knitpicks. Of course, I need to finish Kiri first.

Of course I also want to make the cashmere cloche with the yarn I bought yesterday.

And I think I want to make almost every sock Cookie A ever designed. I've already started by casting on for Monkey yesterday. Yeah, I did that instead of starting the cashmere cloche. What can I say, a Knit-along thread on Craftster inspired me. Plus, the pattern works beautifully with Austermann Step.

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