Saturday, December 02, 2006

Dear short-row hat pattern


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You see me with a weird expression on my face. I'm wearing Veronik Avery's short row hat (link is a pdf file). I made it with the recommended yarn. It will be a Christmas gift for my sister.

I'm also wearing a scarf made with acrylic. Yes, acrylic. Red Heart Whirly. And it's soft. Weird.

Oh yeah, and I'm also wearing my HABS shirt. Because I'm going to see them play tonight. Against the Maple Leafs. They better win!

My birthday is tomorrow! I'm not expeting any knitting-related gifts, but I received money already so I'll probably buy me something wooly. I'll be 29. I don't like that number.

Finally, I was asked in the comments of my last post which knitting-related calendar I prefer. It's difficult to say (that explains why I got both). The One knitting pattern a day one is nice because it has, well, a lot of patterns. They're pretty simple and the majority are patterns I wouldn't make, but I still like it. The Stitch and Bitch one doesn't have that many patterns and most of them have been published in the S&B books already. So if you want patterns, I wouldn't suggest it. It's still a fun thing to have though.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday tomorrow! Have fun at the game tonight, GO HABS GO! (The link to your habs shirt doesnt work?!)

Karine said...

Bonne fête Caroline, bonne fête Caroline, bonne fête, bonne fête, bonne fête Caroline!!!!

K. said...

Bonne fête! Many wooly wishes for your birthday! Love the hat! Looks super great!

nadine said...

Bonne Fête to you !!!

Jared said...


I sent you an e-mail

jeloca said...

Happy Belated birthday! I'm a horrible blogger and blog-reader who never reads things on time, so please accept these late wishes! Oh, and I hope you find your hat too.