Tuesday, June 26, 2007


I finally got my Ravelry invite! It was SO worth the wait, I think I'll spend all night on it. I can't believe what a fantastic site these girls have created.

I just joined and I'm still feeling the place. My username there is, ta-da: Caroline! Not original, I know, but I like to use my real first name and it wasn't taken.

Oh and I know I haven't done a weekly wip report on Sunday, sorry about that. Both my boyfriend and I usually work on Sundays but it was Quebec Day so we had it off (and we have the next one off too because of Canada Day, how cool is that!) and we spent the whole day outside and at night I was too tired to write anything coherent. I'll make sure I do one next week. But if you really want an update, I can tell you that I finished the first Roza sock and started the second one, and I've made progress on the left front of Isabella.

In knitting news, the fall preview of Knitscene is online. I'm not crazy about any of the pattern though it's difficult to tell because the pics are so small. I guess I'll have to go to the yarn store to check the magazine out.

Oh and if you don't subscribe to Knitting Daily, you should (it's free)! They recently gave away the pattern for Tomato, a cute top available in Amy R. Singer's book No Sheep for You.


Do said...

That site, ravelry, looks neat! How long did it take you to get an invite?

I was in bad need of new projects, and thanks to you links I found a whole bunch! Thanks!

LotusKnits said...

I *love* Ravelry! It' so addictive. And I added you as a friend :)

mary said...

I haven't received my Ravelry invite yet, and I feel so not part of the club! Thanks for stopping by my blog.