Monday, January 14, 2008

Weekly WIP report!

Not much to report this week, unfortunately. I feel like I've been knitting a lot since I'm all alone most days of the week, but there hasn't been much progress on anything. My Woven cable scarf is coming along nicely but there's not enough difference between the last pic and today to warrant taking a new pic. I'm almost done with the first ball of yarn and I think I'll use 3.

I've casted on and started working on the Cable Net socks. I've been working and working and working on them and here's what I have to show for it:


I'm telling you, this is NOT mindless knitting! It takes me 30 min. to finish one row!!! I hope I can stick to it, because if I do, I will have made myself some beautiful socks.

I really want to start some baby knitting. Now that the countdown to baby making has officially begun (not to mention that everyone around me seems to be pregnant), I really want to make tiny little things. I'll need to check into the "stash" to see what I have. I know I have enough for hat and booties sets, but I'd really rather make blankets and tiny sweaters. Maybe I'll have to use those gift certificates...


Tara said...

I'm sure your socks will be fabulous. Are you cabling without a cable needle? That speeds things along quite a bit.

Michelle said...

I love that colour yarn! I also second the recommendation to cable without a cable needle- it's much easier once you've got the hang of it.