Friday, June 12, 2009


You know summer is close when Skeins her Way is having her Summer knitting goals contest!

I now consider it a tradition to list my summer knitting goals (even though I've never actually managed to reach all my goals). Anyways, here you go. This summer, I want to knit:

1. The Ishbel shawl, of course.



I'm pretty sure I'm going to use the above yarn (wool from unknown origin, that I got for free when Véronik destashed. Woohoo!)

2. Parrotfish/Pomatomus hat. I actually cast on for it this afternoon, using a skein of Lorna's Lace that I got during a round of Secret Pal. This is going to go to my aunt who'll be undergoing chemotherapy treatments this summer.

3. I'd really like to finish at least one of my UFOs/current WIPs. Believe it or not, I only have three things (not counting the hat) on the needles right now: Cardigan for Merry, Kiri Shawl and the Montego Bay scarf. I'd like to finish one. My money is on the scarf.

4. A pair of socks. I haven't decided on the pattern yet. Froot Loop, perhaps. Or a Nancy Bush pattern? Or Spring Cable? We'll see.

That's it for goals!

In other news, I realized that we can now organize our queue on Ravelry. How long have we been able to do that? I've been using tags for a while so I could just search "socks" when I only want my queued sock patterns, but now we have TABS! How cool! I have almost 300 items in my queue, so I need organization!


See? I now even have a tab for "things I want to knit soon" (Ishbel and Parrotfish are in it). Very practical. Ravelry is the best!

Ps/The Phlox socks are currently blocking! Pics soon!


Knit and Purl Mama said...

Love the yarn you're doing Ishbel in! Great color!

~Jo~ said...

Thanks for your tip about the queue, I just organized my own. ;)

Maaike said...

holy crap, I had no idea we could manage our queue. i'm busy organizing mine now. Thanks for the tip!!!

now to just have time to knit everything in the queue and I'd be a happy camper. ;)

Have a great summer. Can't wait to see the WIP photos of Ishbel, it's gorgeous (or it will be when it's done).

Tara said...

We can organize our queue with tabs??? When did this happen? And to think I'm a librarian... Oh, the shame!