Saturday, September 19, 2009

Today's goals

It looks like I'm going to have a ME day, since my boyfriend is leaving me by myself to go hang out with the guys from Metallica (cause he's cool like that).

So I made myself a list of goals for the day, some fun ones and not-so-fun ones.

1. Go to the gym
2. Do laundry (you don't want to know how many loads I need to do. We don't seem to have any clean clothes left)
3. Finish my Tucson socks (I'm at the toes, I can do it)
4. Cast-on for one of the Christmas gifts
5. Watch the Habs game on RIS
6. Read a magazine in the bath

I also need to resist the temptation to go to Effiloché for some yarn therapy.


Knit and Purl Mama said...

Sounds like good goals!

jeloca said...

Holy crap, hang with Metallica? You can't just gloss over a story like that! Spill!