Sunday, April 04, 2010

Making Cookie...

Today I took this:

STR 24 Karat

And I cast on for Kai-Mei, by Cookie A.

I think... I know... I have a sock addiction. I want to work on something else but I keep seeing sock patterns I want to make and I can't resist.

Speaking of socks, I also finished a pair, but they're lace and blocking right now so you'll have to wait for pics.

Oh and did you guys see the new Twist Collective? I'm usually not much into Spring/Summer patterns but I gotta say the newest issue is just lovely. I have queued Poplar & Elm, Azami and Tanis because they're just so full of deliciousness. Whether or not I'll ever get to knit them is another story. The queue is, after all, 468 patterns long, as of right now.


Knit and Purl Mama said...

I love the new twist. Great patterns!

I can't wait to see your socks that are on blockers! Are they the blue ones?

Tara said...

So much to knit... so little time...