Tuesday, June 08, 2010

My life in boxes

My knitting closet is no more. Everything but what I need for my current projects is in boxes.


omg, I am moving in less than four weeks! I'm both exciting and scared (I've never owned a home before)!

I will have to figure out where to put all that knitting stuff in the new house. While our new place will be much bigger than our current appartment, it lacks a bit in storage space. We want to change that, but it won't all happen this year. So I'll have to figure out something.

On the knitting front, I'm still spending all my free time (the little free time I have these days) making the blob grow. It's getting big. I'm almost done with Chart 2, and then I'll have to do Chart 3 and Chart 4 and the edging. They're not big charts but it's still taking me forever. Sometimes I wonder if that shawl will ever end!


Anonymous said...

Yes! The blob will end. And you will be happy. And then you will dance. Got my shawl done and am considering unknitting 11 rows of Icarus and joining you in the knitting of the "blob". We'll see. I have socks calling me too, though.
Good luck on the move!

Tara said...

Before you know it the blob will have pulled an ugly duckling and turned into a beautiful shawl. Have faith!