Sunday, June 13, 2010

sports + knitting = ♥

Blob status = I finished chart 2 (woohoo!) and am now halfway through chart 3. It's a good thing I love the yarn.

Now you all know I love to knit while watching hockey. Or (American) football. I'm a Habs and Alouettes girl! But I've also learned to love soccer so I'm having lots of fun knitting while watching world cup games.


The thing I like about the world cup is that because Canada doesn't have a team, everyone around me is rooting for a different team. We got Italy, France, Portugal, England, Spain (etc.) supporters at work. It's fun. As for me, I got my t-shirt to show my support:


Grandma would be proud!

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Tara said...

Yeah, I couldn't get into soccer, even though I'm a soccer mom! Not enough action, gimme hockey over soccer any day of the week!