Friday, June 04, 2010

The blob

Judging by the comments on my last post, you all seem to want to see the blob, even if it looks identical to the last blob pic.

Well I live to serve. So here you go, taken this morning:


Icarus-in-progress. It's funny how, at the beginning, the project was knitting up so quickly I thought I'd be done in no time. Yeah right. Now that the rows have billions of stitches, I can't ever knit more than one or two a night. I finally started the second chart two nights ago. My goals is to finish the whole thing before the move (though I may have to wait until I'm in the new house to block it). I think I can do that.

And now my question to you, dear blog readers: How do you block your shawls? Do you use blocking wires?

Speaking of which, does anyone know where (if) you can buy blocking wires in Montreal?


~Jo~ said...

Ariadne sells blocking wires that come in a cardboard tube. Not too expensive if I recall correctly. You can block otherwise but I believe it's just easier to get straight lines with blocking wires. ;)

kate-the-enabler said...

Caroline - If the Ariadne blocking wires don't pan out - I'm placing a KnitPicks order this week...let me know if you want me to add some wires onto the order for you!

Anonymous said...

Your blob is lovely. I love the colorway. It will be just beautiful in the fall (or, really, any season).

Tara said...

I use blocking wires, but I've no idea if you can get them in Montreal. I got mine from knitPicks.