Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Days like this

I've had a bad bad bad day. So I decided to shop at KnitPicks to make me feel better. I added a lovely handpainted yarn called "Happy Dance" for Clapotis to my Shopping cart. Then I decided to get some Wool of the Andes in coal and in mulled wine. It came up to a little over 17$ (I had 2 skeins of each colour). Fantastic! Even with the exchange rate it's a pretty good price.

Then they added almost 10$ for shipping. POO! And Canadians are not elligible for the free shipping for orders over 30$ thing or I would have happily ordered more.

So I did the only thing that was left to do. I deleted everything from the shopping cart and did some virtual shopping instead. My wish list now goes up to 232.53 (I didn't even try to convert to Canadian dollars). Oh to be rich :p Of course, since it was only virtual shopping, I added a pair of Addi turbos in every size available :p


Andrea said...

You have to find a fellow Canadian shopper that lives near you to share on the shipping. Too bad I'm across the country, otherwise I'd volunteer!

Andrea said...

Caroline....I just checked out your 100 random things about you - my birthday is Dec 3 too!!!