Friday, February 18, 2005

Pretty yarn, why do I love thee so?

Earlier this week, I received a package from my lovely Secret Pal and on top of three candy necklaces, a book that looks very interesting (Zen and the art of knitting), a hot stone massage kit (!!!!! how original, I can't wait to try it) and a cute postcard with French words on it (yay!), I had four skeins of the yarn pictured above. Actually, the colour is all wrong (despite attempts to make it more accurate with Photoshop) and it really looks more like this. The name is Alpaca Peru Luxury Collection and it's so soft and pretty! And of course it's alpaca so it looks very warm. Now I must decide what to do with it and that's where YOU come in, dear reader(s). I have 200g/400m/(I think that would be 440 yd). It says "22 STS/27 Rows to 4". Any idea? I'd love to make a shawl but I don't think I'd have enough, unless I make a capelet or something. Would it look good as a shawl? I went to the LYS earlier today (more on that later) and they carry the yarn so I could get more but then I may have a dyelot problem. Hmmmm.

Any ideas? I know I don't want to make a scarf. Or a hat. Or mittens. Hmmm.


Did I mention that Andrea sent me three very cute baby blanket patterns?


So as I said above, I went to a LYS earlier today. I love to go there but as you all probably know, it's quite an exercise in discipline. I managed to find some nice yarn for my Secret Pal. I won't say more about it in case she stumbles upon this blog. I just hope she'll like it. I was very careful to go with what she likes according to her website so I think it'll be ok.

For me, I got a skein of Phildar Laureate in baby pink. I wanted a dark blue (this is to finish the sleeves of the To Dye For sweater) but I didn't find one that I liked. So I went with pink. I think it'll look cute with the pale blue. I think. We'll see.

I also got some cotton for Kyoto. Now keep in mind that I'm still a pretty new knitter and I'm not always too good at substituting yarns. It's only when I got home that I realize that the yarn I chose was way too thin. But I had looked at plenty of cotton while in the store and it was the only one that I really liked (it's Katia Mississippi). So I doubled it and swatched and it should be fine. Except I now have to go and buy more and the sweater that I thought would cost me 36$ will end up being 72$. Oh well. Hobbies are expensive aren't they? I casted on and I was very surprised to see that I actually really like to work with cotton. Who would have thought?

I didn't buy it, but I think I found a yarn I'd like to use for Clapotis (I found MANY yarns I'd like to use, but this one I can actually afford). It's simply Patons Decor in... I can't remember the name of the colour but it has "Spring" in it. Or "Springtime". It's cute. I think (hope) it would look cute as Clapotis. But I don't want to buy it until To Dye for is finished. Which could happen very soon or in a long time, depending on how I feel.


I finished the lacey poncho! At least the knitted part. It's currently "blocking". I'm using quotes because since it's an acrylic/wool blend, I don't know how well it will block. But it's worth a try. This project taught me something: the importance of dye lots. The yarn I used is white. Sort of. I mean, some balls were white. Others were what I could describe as yellowy-white. Now I have absolutely no sense of observation. Therefore, I didn't notice the differences in colours until I was wayyyy into the pattern. Ok, I only noticed when I was halfway done with the second pannel. I then looked at the first pannel and noticed that it was two different colours and I hadn't even noticed. How stupid of me! I still kept on knitting because there was just no way I was ripping it all out. I'm thinking of dying it. Can I do that? I don't think kool-aid dying will work well since the wool content is minimal, but would fabric dye do? I'm ready to try anything. I'll keep you all updated.


Wow, this entry is LONG. Are you still reading? I got Interweave Knits earlier this week so I'm now doing what I hope will become a tradition:

Caroline's IK review

Just keep in mind that I tend to change my mind a lot and what first catches my eyes isn't necessarilly something that I'll still like in a few months. And I may end up liking something that I dislike now. So this is today's opinions.

1. Phoebe (this is the pattern for the Yarn Spotlight on p. 7): I think it's very cute and guess what? I just realized that it would be a nice project for my new Alpaca Peru yarn! Hehe.

2. Wear-everywhere Pullover: I love this. But I'd rather not do it in hemp and I'm not sure how it would look in wool. What do you think? Cotton maybe?

3. Fitted Dolman: It's absolutely not my style. Or maybe it's the green, since I don't wear green? No, it's really just not my style.

4. Galway Guy: I have no boyfriend/husband/dad/brother so men patterns don't interest me at all. The shirt is nice though.

5. A Good Bias: Very cute. I think I'd like something like that for summer, since the weather can go up and down sometimes.

6. Flowered Waistcoat: I don't like it.

7. Vintage Pink Cardigan: Très cute, very girly. I'm a sucker for pink girly stuff.

8. Bear Claw Blanket: Véronik Avery is probably my favourite designer and I think the blanket is pretty. But 19 skeins of Koigu Premium Merino? I wish I could, but I can't.

9. Ballet Wrap: I love this (pink again!). But I'd like to see more pictures of it (made by other people). I think I don't like the dress she has on underneath and I want to see it worn with something else.

10. Border on the Extravagant: Woo more pink! I like it but I'd do it without the upper pockets.

11. Skye Tweed Vest: See #4 (the model made me smile though)

12. Parfait Play: I like baby stuff because many of my friends are having them, but I'm not into kids stuff right now. Maybe when my friends' kids will be older...

13. Grand Plan Capelets: Of the three, my favourite would be the burgundy one but I don't care for them much.

14. Cable-Eight Top: I don't like it much.

15. Bi-Color Brioche: Probably my favourite thing in the magazine. It's SO pretty! It looks complicated though.

16. Wave Skirt: Very pretty but I think if I were to make a knitted skirt, I'd do the eyelet skirt from Knitty.

17. Cable Rib Socks: Oooooh pretty. I <3 socks. I just love the pic of the model knitting in her pajamas. Something I do often.

18. Paisley Lace Shawl: I like it, but there are so many shawl patterns that I like more that I'll most likely pass on this one.

19. Heads-up Hats: I think they have a weird shape.

20. Amish Oval Rug: It's nice but I don't think I'd want to knit a rug right now.

That's it for the spring issue. I love IK and I already can't wait for the Summer issue! :p

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I cannot wait to get my copy of IK - I am making Phoebe as well and there is a knit-along if you are interested:

I may use some Alpaca from my stash or something else - decisions, decisions .......