Sunday, February 27, 2005


I haven't updated in a little while so I figured I'd do it today even if I don't have much to report.

I still only have one WIP, oddly enough. But the good thing about that is that the project goes by faster (way to state the obvious!). The back of Kyoto is done and I've began working on the left front. The back was pretty boring, all stockinette for 12.5". But it's now DONE.

My sister loved my poncho and she would like to have one. I don't think I could make it in time for her birthday though (April 2nd). So I may end up buying one for her. I loved knitting it though so who knows?

I'm hesitating between many things for a new project. I want to make Clapotis but I have trouble choosing the yarn. I have no idea what I want. I'm poor so I can't buy expensive yarn. Cheap and nice. That's what I need. I'd also like to make Madli's Shawl from last summer's IK. I'd like to use my alpaca for it but I'd have to go and buy more. I know they sell it at my LYS but I'm scared of dyelots after the poncho incident. I also want to make poster boy from SNBN, but I'd need new yarn for it. I'd love to get the Lamb's pride but you can't find it here. I'd order it but I only need two skeins (1 of each colour) and it wouldn't be worth it to order that little yarn with shipping rates and all. Meh meh meh. Maybe socks then, I have the yarn for it. We'll see.

I've been depressed lately. I always am this time of the year. Thank God for knitting and its therapeutic effects.


jillz said...

How about some of the Knit Picks new sock yarn for a Clapotis? It's cheap & a DK weight yarn. It might not drape as nice as a silk blend, but a lot of people have made Clapotis out of wool.

Andrea said...

If you run out of yarn and need to buy a poncho, there are tons out there! I went clothes shopping today and I cannot believe the types of ponchos that are out there!

Maggie said...

Hi Caroline, its me, Maggie from the Knitter's Review Forums. Just thought I'd drop by and say "HI"!!