Saturday, February 05, 2005

Knitting Envy

I am at a point in my knitting life where I want to start so many new projects, I'm going nuts. I have many almost-finished objects, which is very exciting because it means I'll be able to start new ones soon! :p

I'm almost done with sock #2 of my first pair. I *may* finish it this week. Or I may keep it for next weekend when I'm coming back here (I'm at my mom's right now).

The lacey poncho is also going well. I think I have 8 pattern repeats and then I'm done. Leave it to me to finish my first poncho just as no one is wearing them anymore. Haha.

To dye for: I've been meaning to go to a LYS to get more yarn to finish it for a few weeks now but I can never find the time. Since I can't find the exact same colour I've used, I think the sleeves are going to be a darker blue, and the crocheted collar too. I'm not sure how it will look, but it's worth a try. I can always frog it all if I don't like it.

Oh and remember the blue yarn from La Bobineuse that was turned into a shawl which I decided to frog a week or so ago? I'm using it to practice crochet and I'm making a scarf. Very simple but it's soft and warm. It's not exactly the look I was hoping for though so I may start it over. We'll see. It's cute the way it is too.

As for the wish list, here are a few things I want to make next:

-Clapotis. Yes, the clapper. Everyone keeps talking about it, about how much fun it is and posting pictures and well, I want to be a part of the fun too. I just need to find the perfect yarn for it.

-Kyoto. It's on Knitty and in Knit Wit. It's very cute. I want it black and pink. And I want it now.

-Arm warmers. I don't know why, I suddenly decided I needed a pair. And when I say need, I mean need. I love the ones in Stitch N' Bitch nation so I may make them. I rhink I'd want to use the purple yarn I got at La Bobineuse but I'll have to swatch to make sure I can get gauge first.

-Socks. Because I bought cute sock yarn that I want to use. But I think I'll do arm warmers before I make more socks. But I need to make lots of socks because I've already decided that it's going to be everyone's gifts next Christmas.

-A shawl. I really need one for the office, even though it's getting warmer out. The office is often colder during the summer anyways. I love Madli's Shawl from issue #something of Interweave Knits. But I'd love to use the yarn I got in the last Secret Pal thing and I don't have enough of one colour (I have 4 balls of red and 4 of green but I don't want to mix the colours) and I don't know where to buy more. So I'd need a smaller shawl pattern if I wanted to use the yarn. The Flower Basket shawl maybe. Or the capelet from Stitch N' Bitch Nation.


Oh and I'm not even going to mention the Poster boy bag and the yoga mat bag from Stitch N' Bitch Nation, a cute summer top from last summer's IK and the eyelet skirt from Knitty. Not to mention that my mom said she'd love to have a scarf to match the Chinese Charm bag I made her for her birthday. That made me very happy because it means that she loves the bag :) That also mean that I should buy some more Silk Garden in #84 (and make sure I have enough to make another hat like the one I lost at the hospital. I loved it so much!)

See my dilemma? What to make, what to make... I wish I could become a multi-milionnaire and quit my job and knit all day. With luscious super expensive yarn. Yum.


Knit.1 or Caroline is getting old

The second issue of Knit.1 just came out. Now I remember when I saw the first issue. I picked it up at Indigo and sat in a chair there to browse through it. I ended up not buying it. I didn't like the layout of the mag at all. And I didn't like the patterns. Too much froufrou (and I love froufrou) and fun furs and funky stuff. And I usually love funky. Damn it, what's wrong with me?

And then I went online and saw the teenagers and the women in their early 20s raving about it. They loved the patterns. And I hated them.

So when I saw issue #2, I did like with the first one. I sat and looked at it. I must admit that I liked a few patterns. But I disliked most of them. And this is when it hit me:

"Caroline, this is targeted to young people. You hate it. Therefore, you're really getting old".

Oh well.


Lu said...

Your wish list is so similar to mine that's scary.
Clapotis: go to and take a look - I am in love with their yarns.
I am in love with Kyoto as well, but I do not think it would good on me :sigh:
Arm warmers: decided I can wait until fall - it's already summer weather here in California.
Socks: I am sock crazy lately - I even bought wool sock yarn and what am I going to do with wool socks here?
I so need a shawl for the office - Clapotis again?

suz said...

""Caroline, this is targeted to young people. You hate it. Therefore, you're really getting old""

I disagree. I am 19 and HATE Knit.1. HATE IT. It isn't so much targeted to young people as it is targeted to knitters that are still into the "novel" stuff. More "classic" knitters (like myself) are not drawn into such a folly.

I think you hate it because you have taste, not because you are old.