Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Almost finished blob

Pregnancy status: I will be 39 weeks tomorrow! I've had bad cramps/contractions but nothing regular or anything. I'm feeling good today and don't think today will be his birthday, though you never know. My suitcase is ready, laundry is done, the house is as clean as it'll be, so now I can relax and knit, knit, knit.


I'm happy to report that I finished knitting the blob! I only need to weave in two ends and to block it. I don't have blocking wires though, but I'll see what I can do. If I can't do it without, I'll order some and block it later. I think it already looks fabulous though, don't you think?

Thanks again Tara for saving my life with that extra ball of yarn!

Next on the list: weaving all the ends of my Peapod sweater and finishing the This end up baby vest. I'm on a roll! After that, I think I hear some sock patterns calling my name, but if baby gets here, I may not have much time for them!


Tara said...

Looks great! I'm so glad you were able to finish it. Phew! That was a close one! :)

Maryse said...

It's really nice already, I completely agree! Have a good 39th week ;-)

Knit and Purl Mama said...

You're almost there (with seeing baby boy!) I can't wait to meet him.

You are on a roll with your knits! Go you!

Angela said...

Love it! I can't wait to the pics include the baby!

Jennifer said...

Looks great Caroline! So glad you were finally able to finish it. You're really on a theme of autumn colors!