Sunday, July 08, 2007

Weekly WIP Report

Hey all! This is going to be a picture-less post because my batteries are dead, so no camera.

I finished all the knitting on Isabella. I seamed. I did the hem. And then I did the armholes. I picked up stitches, knit, did the eyelet row knit. I did the other side. And then I realized that the armholes are now wayyyy to small to fit my big arms. So I'll have to redo them and try to pick up more stitches maybe? Or bind off with bigger needles? The armholes were fine before I did the picot edging thing. Oh well. I'll tackle this tomorrow or later this week. I'm sure I'll find a way to fix this.

I didn't work much on Roza's socks because I really wanted to finish Isabella. I've just turned the heel on sock 2. I'll pick it back up this week and should finish it soon. (BTW, Melanie from Lotus Knits asked me what yarn I was using. It's superwash merino sock yarn by Fearless Fibers. I love the yarn, it's very, very soft and a dream to knit with.

I also cast on for a very simple ribbed scarf using some Bernat Masala acrylic that my mom gave me last Christmas (the scarf will be for her). I am NOT enjoying knitting with this yarn, but I love the colours and the fabric itself is soft enough. Oh and I realize that I DO have a picture, though it's much longer than that now:

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See? Nice colours.

I kind of regret starting it though because I've since bought the yarn for the Woven Trellis scarf (yes Robyn, it's the one that I'm making!) and I'd rather be working on that, but I don't want to have too many projects on the needles. But I'll probably cast on for it soon because it will be my "knitting meet-ups" project (when I finally am able to go again).

If any of you don't know, Knitpicks is having a book sale : 40% on all books (as of tonight, Sunday, it was still going on. I don't know when it ends). I couldn't resist (especially with the strong Canadian dollar!) and I bought three books. Knitting Vintage Socks, Folk Socks and Vogue Knitting Stitchionary Volume 1 : Knit & Purl. I eventually want to own all three Stitchionary, but I figured I needed to show at least a little bit of self-control! ;) Now that I've ordered, I see so many more books I would have liked to order, but I know I'll be happy with the ones I've chosen.

I'm ending with a totally off topic post : I can finally watch the first season of Heroes! I've heard good things about the show but I couldn't watch it when it aired because I only had four channels (two in French, two in English) on my old TV. But the season will air soon on a French channel and I was sent the first five episodes on DVD (I should get the rest of the season soon). They're in French, and I hate watching dubbed TV, but it'll have to do. At least I'll be all caught up for season 2 (and I'll watch that one in English). I watched the first episode tonight and it was great!

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