Friday, October 12, 2007

Yarn and a poll

I went to the yarn store today to buy something for my Secret Pal. And I broke my promise not to buy more sock yarn BUT I had a good reason to. I decided I wanted to knit socks for my mom's boyfriend (who is like a father to me) and I didn't have any "manly-coloured" sock yarn, except maybe the green Reynolds Soft Sean Wool, but I already have a plan for it. So I got some Regia in brown stripes (colour is Sierra).

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Manly enough? I think so. Oh and the sock on the ball band is not made with the same yarn. Mine has no teal or red/orange in it!

Ok now a poll. I think I've mentionned before that I've been struck with a bad case of baby fever. I'm definitely ready to start a family but... my boyfriend isn't quite there yet. I'm ok with it. We've talked about trying in a year or so. But I'm seeing pregnant women everywhere, and cute babies and it's driving me crazy! And of course, I'm itching to start knitting baby stuff. Then I thought : why not? There are many patterns I'd like to knit for a baby, including a few blankets. And let's be honest : I'm a slow knitter, there's no way I can knit all of them in 9 months. I could start knitting baby things now in neutral colours. But then I feel superstitious and I'm scared that knitting stuff before being pregnant would be bad luck. What do you think?

Thanks for your help! No matter what the results are, I still need to finish some things before I start with baby knits anyways. I'm halfway done with the second Marina Picola sock (and after that I'll cast on for my mom's boyfriend socks). I'll probably start working on my boyfriend's scarf tonight. Expect a new WIP on Sunday.

Oh and stay tuned tomorrow for a post about my first FO ever (beware, it's going to be ugly).


Do said...

Pretend you are knitting the baby stuff for someone else, and just keep it :-p

Here, I cant WAIT to find out if this one's a boy or a girl so I can use cute girly yarn from !!

LotusKnits said...

Ditto. Go for it!

~Jo~ said...

Want to come babysit my kids for the weekend? :-P I voted to knit for baby also, you can always gift them and it'll be good practice for when knitting for your own! ;) I love knitting baby projects, so small, so cute, so quick! lol!

Tara said...

You can always knit baby stuff and give it to charity! But I think that, if anything, it'll just make your baby fever worse! :)