Monday, December 31, 2007

Bye bye 2007!

Wait, where did 2007 go? Seriously, could this year have gone any faster? I can't believe it's the last day!!! Now let's hope that 2008 goes by as quickly. Why? Because I have a very personal reason to want to be in 2009 now! My boyfriend and I talked and we will probably try to start our own little family in 2009. In one year! I can't wait. And I think I just shared too much, I hope I don't jinx it!

2007 in a flash:

-I finished 16 projects. My favourites : Coachella, Shedir, the endpaper mitts and the Fake isle hat.
-I made 8 pairs of socks. My favourites: Monkeys and Roza's socks
-I tried Fair isle (and I love it!)

And on a more personal level:

-I moved in with my boyfriend
-I quit my full time well paid job (that I hated) for a part-time job (that I love)

I was just looking at my last post of 2006 and I looked at my knitting resolutions. I wanted to try colour work and I did it. I wanted to learn to seam well and... well I didn't really. And I wanted to finish Kiri's shawl and the blue cardigan and they're still in a box somewhere. Oh well. Oh and I also wanted to knit a pair of socks a month. I knit 8. Not too bad.

In 2008 I want to:

-Learn to seam well
-Try entrelac

That's pretty much it. I already have knitting plans for the beginning of 2008. Right now, I still have the pink mittens on the needles. They would have been done had I not cast on for the Woven Cables scarf. I also want to knit socks: Cable Net, Annetrelac (from IK Holidays 2007) and Anastasia. And then there's the Streakers shrug that I've been meaning to make a while ago.

That should keep me busy, and out of yarn stores, for a while. Speaking of yarn stores, guess what my mom got me as a Christmas gift? Yes, another gift certificate to Effiloché! I'm going to buy the whole store!

Happy New Year everyone!


~Jo~ said...

Happy new year Caroline!!! What a great way to start but only 366 days left before starting a family. ;-) I am so happy for you, can't wait to meet up again and talk in french with a knitter for once. lol!

Tara said...

Happy New Year! Great news about the family, I know your biological clock has been ticking somewhat loudly of late. And great patterns! I really like the Anastasia socks.