Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Knit night... at home!

I thought for sure that I would go to Knit night tonight, but I had forgotten how draining a first day at a new job could be. I'm so tired I could sleep on my keyboard! I really don't have the energy to go on the other side of the town, even though I really wanted to!

I know for sure that I will love this new job. I like everything about it already, except for the shitty hours, but that's journalism for you! But I'm really looking forward to being a month from now and to know my way around everything.

Also, I'm sure you all know by now, but the new Knitty is up! I have to say I expected more sweaters, but I'm happy no matter what. New patterns! I like that there are lots of socks and I love Halcyon and Jeanie. Oh and the Eco Fairy is adorable.

On my last post, Kate-the-blogless-enabler asked if I will show pics of the yarn I'll buy with my Effiloché gift certificates. Well of course! But I'm not planning on spending them just yet. My yarn money will be very limited this year so I'll have to chose carefully. I know I plan on going to Ariadne's new store sometime next week and I want to buy a little something there with my birthday money. Effiloché will wait until... at least after Christmas!

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