Sunday, August 26, 2007

Weekly WIP Report

I gotta say, the Woven Trellis scarf is the ideal project to work on when you're watching TV. I am now done with the first season of Heroes (OMGbestshowever!) and I've been able to knit 63" of the first tube. Yay! Maybe I'll finish it this week... and then start little tube #2. *sigh* This is the scarf that never ends. It goes on and on, my friends...

So I wouldn't die of boredom, I cast on for a new project:

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I am making Shedir from Knitty (you need to download the pdf available on this site to see the pattern). I'm using Rowan Felted Tweed. I'm in no rush to finish it, since (hopefully), I won't be needing a hat for a few months.


Karine said...

Humm, puuuuurrrrrrrtttttttttyyyyyyy!

K. said...

Love Shedir! Heroes rules!!!!!!! I'm a sucker for Mohinder (it's the accent...damn him!)