Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Summer Goals, Fall Goals

Last May, I made a list of knitting goals for the summer. Now that summer is almost over*, I think it's time to see how I fared.

*Yeah, I know that technically, summer ends on, or around, September 20, but in my mind, once you say goodbye to August, you say goodbye to summer. September is really a fall month.

So my main goals were:

Knit three pairs of socks (or more)
Well I finished two.Roza's socks and my mom's socks.

Finish Isabella

Seam the damn blue cardigan!
Blue cardigan? What blue cardigan?

Pick the Kiri shawl back up and hopefully finish it.
I did pick it back up but I definitely didn't finish it.

So I didn't reach all my goals, far from it, but I'm still happy with my summer knitting. I also started and finished a project that wasn't in my goals, Coachella.

Now I've set some goals for the fall. Let's see if I can reach them:

1. Woven Trellis scarf from Vogue Knitting (started)
2. Simple ribbed scarf for my boyfriend
3. Marina Picola socks for my sister
4. Shedir from Knitty (started)
5. Streakers shrug from Interweave Knits
6. Cablenet socks from Knitty

What are your fall knitting goals?


K. said...

woohoo! good job on reaching most of your goals! You'll see, making the streaker shrug is not very long and it's wonderful tv knitting!

Tara said...

Perhaps the reason you didn't accomplish all your summer knitting goals is that they were a tad, shall we say, unrealistic? :) Congrats on actually getting so much done!

My fall knitting goals so far are as follows: Tulip baby cardigan, sweater for my daughter, socks (as many as I can knit up), Bee Fields Shawl, hat for myself, scarf for my Dad, and on and on and on... What was that about unrealistic goals?