Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Christmas - 23

Thanks to those of you who commented on my sock pattern advent calendar idea. I'm glad you like it! Hopefully you'll find a pattern or two you want to knit during the month.

December 2
Pattern: Eclipse socks by Julie P. Miller.
With New Moon (that I haven't seen yet) just out in the theaters, I thought this was an appropriate pattern. But even if you don't like Twilight, I think the socks are pretty.
You can find the pattern for free, directly on the pattern page on Ravelry.


In other news, I finally bit the bullet and got vaccinated today. Unfortunately, my pressure went way down right after and I almost fainted. I could see myself get paler and paler, I was sweating and dizzy and my legs were shaking. Way to go Caroline! Little kids get vaccinated without a problem and I can't do it without drama. What I got was a vasovagal syncope, that may have been caused by trypanophobia . I actually just diagnosed myself with trypanophobia, but it makes so much sense. I've never been scared of needles, but I'm very uncomfortable with the thought of any kind of injection. The phobia is "an extreme fear of medically related shots/injections" and for at least half of trypanophobes, it's an inherited reflex.

Anyways, the nurse told me I should make sure that if I ever need another vaccine, I need to get it while lying down. I remember when I had the meningitis vaccine in high school, I had the exact same reaction. A few years later I had a tetanos shot but I was lying down when I got it so I was fine.

Haha, that was quite the non-Christmassy post! I guess I needed to share ;)

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Tara said...

I've had that pattern in the queue for a while now, along with Bella's mittens, Bella's hat, etc... I lurves me my Twilight!

Sorry you had a reaction to the vaccination. but go you for getting it! I'm too lazy to bother, lol.