Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas - 8

I am happy to report that my Christmas shopping is pretty much done. I need to buy some candies for my mom's stocking (I'm in charge of her stocking every year) and a couple of cards, but other than that, I am DONE. And it feels good!

Christmas sock status: The heel has been turned. We are now at the gusset. I'm pretty sure I'll finish it on time.

And now your sock pattern!

December 17
Pattern: Lizard socks, by Beate Zäch
I don't think you can find anything cooler than those socks. Lizards! On socks!
You can find it for sale on this page. According to Ravelry, it's available both in German and English, but my German isn't good enough to understand all that's on the store page. I say email the shop owner before you buy to make sure you get the pattern in a language you understand!

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